Introducing Center for Behavioral Health & Wellness

I am Dr. Trivedi-Purohit, a Clinical Psychologist, with specialization in Health Psychology, providing treatment to adults and geriatrics.

My role as a psychologist is to provide assessment and treatment to patients with issues that may interfere with their health and wellbeing. The reasons for seeing a psychologist vary extensively. Among the most common are depression, anxiety and stress. I provide a wide range of interventions designed to enhance coping, including cognitive behavioral therapy, pain and stress management, and psychotherapy.

As a health psychologist, I focus on the medical aspects of psychology and apply psychological principles to healing physical illness and medical problems. I can help you manage your medical conditions.

I enjoy working toward prevention of illness and the promotion of health-related behaviors. People can learn ways to modify behaviors by learning specific skills. Together we can make positive changes that will promote your health and wellness. Dr. Trivedi-Purohit can guide you in implementing a better lifestyle.

In a confidential and nurturing environment, together we will evaluate your particular situation. Based on the evaluation, the treatment plan will be tailored to meet your needs as a patient. Therapy will include a discussion of establishing realistic expectations, necessary lifestyle changes and expected outcomes.